Ed's Place

This is Ed, retired schoolteacher, union organizer, Trotskyite, handyman:


He wants to remodel the bathroom on the second floor:

We are getting a new cast-iron tub, 60" vanity with two basins, new toilet moved to the adjacent wall, next to the vanity, tile floor and wainscot.  All the drains and water pipes are replaced, including new cast iron pipe and fittings on the outside wall:


Ed can use his new tub for the interim:                                              Toilet drain is moved, plywood subfloor over original
                                                                                                   1x4 t&g floor is going down:

New 1 1/2" copper drain, 1/2" copper hot and cold water pipes for toilet, two sinks in place:


The latest pictures, here, were taken 1/29.  Today, 2/7, there is tile backerboard over the plywood on the floor and on the frame around the tub.  Water-resistant sheetrock has been installed to the lower wall/wainscot area, Yellow Jacket glass fabric reinforcement has been embedded in a coat of drywall compound over the cracked plaster surfaces and the first skim coat of topping compound applied over all to-be-exposed-above-wainscot plaster and drywall.  More to come.

As promised, on March 5, there is much left to do but light at the end of the tunnel.......

The 6.5" square porcelain tiles are from Italy and the door was installed by Schicker Shower Doors.


The 60" wide vanity with granite countertop and dual basins come from Sincere Hardware.  The toilet is a 3-liter flush with high seat: easier to sit down and get up.


Won't be long, now!

In order to provide adequate subfloor support as well as level a floor that has a hump down the middle and a corner that's a little over an inch below the high point, there is a step at the doorway, trimmed out in some used oak flooring Ed had salvaged.

Minka-Lavery lights reflect the period of the house.