Toward the end of 2007, my clients asked that I propose a design for replacing a broken lattice at the top of the rear fence and replace the side fence.
This is how the back fence looked (click pictures for larger graphic):

Where the back fence meets the side fence in question (as big as this one gets):

Looking toward the front, the side fence is showing some effects of the years, including the push of a slowly but inexorably growing date palm:

This angle, from front to back, shows how, over time, a panel of fence next to the palm has been offset and the rear section has rotted posts, is leaning off line:

A design + price is negotiated and work begins with the rear lattice makeover.  The old lattice is removed, a level 2x6 redwood cap, intended to
meet with a simlar new cap for the side fence, is installed, then a screening of new redwood lattice and 1x redwood boards finishes:

Surprise, surprise, the concrete piers for the old fence were something of an overkill and challenge to remove:

That done, a pressure-treated framework with redwood cap, fence boards and lattice meets up with the rear fence:

The next challenge is to restore the fence to a straight line while accomodating the date palm.  An arborist carves back the palm's trunk and I contrive
a sort of pressure-treated spiders web to sneak past the palm:

When finished: