Ed's Studio

Well, Ed Walker, for whom I did the bathroom remodel, asked me to make a proposal to turn his ~400 square foot workshop in his backyard into a studio.  He accepted.

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Eight windows in this wall get replaced with custom double-pane wood sash, shortened to provide space for ventilation over the insulation, keeping the shingles from overheating.  Also, kitchen base cabinets, sink, granite counter top, range, hood go along here.


High ceilings with five skylights will be insulated, sheetrocked, wired for 3 pendant lights and a Casablanca fan in the living area, two fluorescent fixtures in the kitchen.

Big doorway gets infilled with a window, matching T-111 siding on the outside, gas console space heater on the inside.

A bathroom exists, with drains and some water piping.  Additional drain and water plumbing will provide for lavatory sink, toilet, and a new fiberglass shower.  The room had been given over to "storage":

Here comes the shower!

New copper pipe for hot and cold water.  Slab is broken to connect to underground drain for shower and sink.  A new gas water heater will go into a shed built outside the bathroom.

Kitchen sink connects to drain outside:


Bit tricky getting insulation and 1/2" sheetrock on vaulted ceiling....

Moving with deliberation, avoiding splats, it will be done:

The skylight wells interrupt the flow of ventilating air between insulation and roof sheathing, then out the ridge vent.  To provide a path for this ventilation, the 2x8 rafters are headed off at the bottom and top of the wells with 2x6 blocks, leaving a 2" gap:

The sides of the skylight wells are rocked with a 2" gap lining up with the gap in the headers:

1x1 pine spacers increase ventilation area; sheetrock is cut back out of the way:

4 9/16" primed finger-jointed door jamb stock completes the channel:

Lots to do!


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