The Schroeders' Project

Jim and Janice wanted to create a bathroom in the 7' x 14' unfinished storage area at the front of their garage for their son, David, who had a bedroom in the finished back part:

The owners cleared out the space.  This garage door with plexiglass window needed to be secured to the surrounding wall and furred out to hold a space heater, insulation, and new Marvin fiberglass slider:

Also, there was exterior storage for bicycles and recycles that was sub-optimal.  Part of the commission was to continue the Schroeders' efficient usage of space on the small lot by improving the strip alongside the garage.  The electric panel was located at the corner of this wall, making it easy to bring 3 new circuits to the front on the outside in conduit for space heater, lights/plugs/exhaust fan, and 220V/30A tankless water heater for the sink:

Getting Started

The old bicycle shed gets demolished and excavation begins to find the sewer and water supply, which run right under the garage wall;